Lancaster Engine Day May 2003

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This year's Engine day was a great success coupled with a structural inspection of FM212.

"All photos on this page are copyrighted and provided courtesy of Kyle Harvey"

Engine Day May 2003

Cowlings are removed and the aircraft opened up for a structural inspection

Stbd engine installation

Stbd engines #3 and opened up for inspection and reinhibiting with lubricating oil.

Volunteers working on the stbd engines

Friends of FM212 giving the merling engines a check up

Turning over number 4 engine

Volunteers help turn over the merlin engine by hand as the inhibiting oil is sprayed into the engine. This is necessary to ensure the oil solution covers all the internal areas of the engine.

Boy this is a Big engine!

Volunteers inspecting the merlin engine

Port outer wing attachment inspection

Cover plates were reomved from the port and stbd wing attachment points to inspect the areas for corrosion and defects.

Closing up the aircraft until next year