Jackson Park Departure

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Lancaster FM212 has finally begun her long awaited trip to Windsor Airport with a sidetrip to the local Mall to do some shopping!

All Photo's Courtesy of George Mock

The Lancaster in her "shoebox" in Jackson Park

Leaving the "Shoebox"

Catching some Sun! Note the modified Landing gear!

Ready for her Sunday Morning drive!

Don't even think of passing me on the road!

So long "Shoebox" and Thank you!

Traffic control courtesy of Windsors finest

Even the Military stopped in!

Wheres the Timmies?

On her way !

Heading out of the Park.

A helping hand round the corner.

Over the rail way tracks!

Easy does it!

Attention Via Passengers there will be a slight delay due to a Lancaster on the Line!

On the Road again!

Moving along....

Wonder if they would help a sick and injured Lancaster....?

Shopping at Devon Plaza is the best!

Time for a rest and a quick onceover.

The latest shoplifting deterrent!

Off we go again!


Whats that up ahead?

Ok this could get interesting!

Easy does it!

Almost there!

Entering the Parking Lot.

Arrival at the Sears Parking Lot. Open for tours for two weeks.

Lancaster 212 and her new friends!